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Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Example

Updated: Jan 29

I am a XXXX girl born and raised. XXXX is my home. The XXXX University in XXXX is my dream school. If I were to be selected to your distinguished and competitive 27-month MS Program in Nurse Anesthesia, I would attend. Nothing would bring me a greater sense of honor and sheer joy than to study towards becoming a CRNA at the #1 ranked hospital in XXXX for patient care. The teaching environment, outstanding adherence to the values of practice-based and lifelong learning – call me to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University. I especially appreciate your commitment not only to patients but also family-centered care. I am convinced that I would be able to make my maximum contribution to nursing if I were to be given the best possible education in Nurse Anesthesia, and I see XXXX as the best fit for my extremely elevated level of drive and dedication to excellence.

Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Example, Help
Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Examples

I hope to be considered for a spot despite the competitive nature of your program primarily because I earned a 4.0 GPA. I also have experience, however, currently serving since this past April of 2016 in the Cardiovascular ICU at XXXX Medical Center in XXXX. Previously, I served at XXXX Hospital in the ICU (11/2014-5/2016). I do well in my courses because I read most of the time when I am not at work: especially about congestive heart failure, valve replacement, aortic dissections, aortic aneurysms, respiratory failure, Electrolyte imbalances, septic/cardiogenic/neurogenic shock, complications with Diabetes, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, but also alcohol/drug withdrawal, psychiatric illness, and end of life care.

Being accepted to and completing your MS Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX will enable me to acquire the highest and most sophisticated knowledge base and level of skill possible, enabling me to distinguish myself as a nurse anesthetist capable of ‘adding value’ to the profession through research and teaching. I seek to realize my personal potential by applying the fruits of my experience and training to date in a most challenging and subsequently satisfying role. I am particularly interested in assisting patients who are fearful or have difficulties in understanding, by reason of low educational level or language barriers, what the procedure proposed involves and the reasons why it is necessary.

I also seek to apply the extensive experience I have gained in veterinary anesthesia. I worked for 10 years in this field with stable and critical cases. It will also enable me to apply my recent training in post-op cardiothoracic surgery. I see XXXX as an excellent ‘fit’ for my professional purposes because of the prestigious faculty, excellent facilities, practice-focused training, exposure to research work and the opportunity to train in the use of, and to apply, the very latest advances in Nurse Anesthesia.

My clinical practice focuses on the development and refinement of the knowledge and skills necessary to manage care as a member of an interdisciplinary team. I focus on patient and family centered care, observing protocols and procedures developed from evidence-based practice relating to quality improvement and patient safety. Each case, especially the complex, enables me to extend my clinical and critical reasoning skills. My role calls for highly developed cultural sensitivity and the ability to relate well to colleagues and to patients and their families. I have happily socialized, worked with, and treated people of many social and ethnic backgrounds.

Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Examples
Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Example

My practice includes assessment and management of patients with various illnesses and co-morbidities. These include but are not limited to diabetes, heart failure, electrolyte imbalances, alcohol and drug overdose/withdrawal, respiratory failure, COPD related complications, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiogenic/septic shock, management of post codes, and post-operative vascular surgery. I am currently training in continuous renal replacement therapy and post-operative cardiothoracic surgery. Earning the degree will develop my critical thinking skills and enhance my level of professional expertise, enabling me to exercise significantly greater autonomy in planning, treatment and post-op evaluation and care. It will also greatly enhance my ability to work with patients of all acuity levels.

I also hold a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science and have applied the knowledge gained in my own life by the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle. I enjoy partaking in many sports including bodybuilding in which I have competed successfully. I love to share my specialist knowledge with patients, friends and colleagues assisting them, when invited, to assist them in setting realistic but challenging nutritional and fitness goals.

I am convinced that my experience in Veterinary Medicine will contribute to my capacity as a CRNA because of my special interest in the care of those patients who are unable to fully communicate verbally because of a variety of conditions. Working with animals, who cannot communicate verbally, has provided me with an unusually elevated level of sensitivity to ‘non-verbal’ signals.

I appreciate your consideration of my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX.

A top-tier applicant with a 4.0 GPA, they spend the entire first paragraph describing why they have their heart set on the program to which the statement is addressed, the most salient reasons why the applicant wants to study at that university rather than somewhere else. This is a powerful way to begin, with the most important part, why that program? I sometimes tell my clients that admissions committees are much like young people looking to fall in love, they want to find someone who is attracted to them for the right reasons, not just anyone who might be interested. This program is highly prestigious and competitive; hence this could easily turn out to be the key strategy that makes the difference in whether you are accepted to your dream school. A lot of applicants fail to take advantage of this strategy to convince the admissions committee that the school they represent is the program where this applicant is the best fit and that they would be an asset to the program.

Personal Statement CRNA, DNP Example


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