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Paciente con Asistencia sanitaria
Dr. Robert Foster Edinger

I have spent many years investigating what makes a Statement for admission to CRNA school as effective as possible, and what programs and institutions in Nurse Anesthesia are looking for in applicants: specific qualities, interests, and characteristics - all of which I will emphasize in your essay.


Character is especially critical and I am an expert at making you look exceptional. It is all in the wording and I like to think I have a natural gift for statement expression. My own special strength is in the emotional eloquence of nursing. I admit that on a few occasions, tears well up in my eyes while writing a statement of Purpose in Nurse Anesthesia; it is a most enriching experience. I count myself privileged.


I finished my PHD in Religion and Social Ethics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in May of 1995 (See my doctoral dissertation online at the University of Southern California USC). Since that time, I have dedicated most of my life to helping others to have the opportunity of a higher education, or to be selected for a fellowship, scholarship, internship, or residency opportunity. 


An eloquent statement can often make the difference.  CRNA school applicants now comprise most of my  clients, since I have gravitated in this direction for some time. I especially enjoy working on behalf of nurses because they are generally good people who truly want to contribute to their communities. I enjoy the challenge of Nurse Anesthesia, supporting the finest of nurses as they face what is for many the uphill battle of thier lives, getting accepted to increasinlgy competitive Nurse Anesthesia programs.

Dr. Robert Edinger's Doctoral Diploma

I understand the challenges you may be facing. That’s why, with over two decades of experience, I offer tailored writing and editing services designed to help you stand out from the competition. I provide guidance on how to present your skills, achievements, and experiences in a way that accurately represents you and makes you stand out as a top applicant.

As an experienced editor and writer, I believe that multicultural experiences, language skills, and ethnicity all play a critical role in crafting effective application essays. My approach to writing and editing is to seamlessly weave these elements together into a cohesive narrative that demonstrates your unique perspective, passions, and values. Whether you need help with your Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, or Letter of Intent/motivation, I am committed to assisting you in creating admission essays that truly stand out.


As an experienced writing and editing professional, I understand what it takes to craft a perfectly tailored statement for CRNA program applicants. I firmly believe that an applicant's ethnic/racial and cultural backgrounds, as well as international aptitudes, are their greatest assets, and I make it a point to carefully relate them to both your short and long-term goals in your statement. My goal is to help you make your statement as effective as possible.


As a seasoned expert in writing statements for admission to CRNA school, I am here to help you craft a compelling application that highlights your unique strengths and experiences. With careful attention to detail and years of experience, I will carefully review your materials and ask specific questions that will help you hone in on what matters most to the admissions committee. Whether you need help condensing your material into a limited space or want guidance on what to include, I am here to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed.  (I like to think of it as brain surgery).  


I leave you with pictures of me with the princpal light of my life, my only child, David Dylan Edinger (soon to turn 12 years old).

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