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CRNA Personal Statement Sample, Re-application

Updated: Jan 29

CRNA Personal Statement Samples, Editing Service
CRNA Personal Statement Examples

I was not selected for the competitive DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of ____ (UXXX) in 2017. Now, in 2018, I am trying again and have hope that I might be accepted to the DNP Program this year, since my qualifications have continued to improve and U____ is my first choice among doctoral programs for a variety of reasons, most of all the location and the sheer excellence of your program.

As an applicant to ___ University, I want to emphasize my strong academic standing and my ability to balance multiple responsibilities simultaneously. For the past year, I have been completing coursework exclusively at U___, all while working two jobs and gaining valuable professional experience. Despite these challenges, I have maintained an excellent academic standing, demonstrating my ability to work hard and stay dedicated to my education.

I have gained valuable experience shadowing a CRNA for over 30 hours and volunteering at the _______ County Police Department, where I assisted with community projects aimed at helping the poor and especially the elderly. The extensive experience I gained from attending a Diversity CRNA simulation lab at ____ University has helped me learn how to deal with real-life situations. As a skilled CRNA, I am eager to use my passion for anesthesia care to improve patient outcomes in the most compassionate and caring way possible.

At 20, I accompanied my grandmother before and after lung cancer surgery. I bonded with the CRNA in pre-op who was holding my grandmother’s hand when she woke up. Since then, I have been preparing myself for the rigorous and demanding role of the CRNA, because I too want the human fulfillment that comes with this position, and I believe that I have gained sufficient experience as a nurse to help me excel in a DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia and beyond.

CRNA Personal Statement Examples, Editing Service
CRNA Personal Statement Sample

As a highly skilled RN serving in the Cardiac Vascular ICU at ____ Hospital, I have acquired critical skills that make me a perfect fit for the role of a CRNA. Over the years, I've had the privilege to work with patients undergoing a broad range of procedures, including cardiac bypasses, TAVR, gastrointestinal, oncology/endocrine, and gynecological as well as plastic procedures. This rich experience has placed me in a position to understand patients’ needs and provide top-notch care.

As an aspiring CRNA, I have been diligently working towards achieving my goal for years. I have earned my CCRN accreditation and gained valuable experience as a nurse. My dedication to my patients and my work ethic reflects my commitment to the field of nursing and anesthesia. I have observed and learned from experienced CRNAs, and I am excited to bring my own unique perspective to the field.

I have the character, experience, academic foundation, and most of all intense passion that makes for an excellent CRNA. What I witnessed the CRNA do for my grandmother, putting her to sleep for life-saving surgery and then waking her up to a new life with her family, is for me nothing short of miraculous. Thus, I hope with all my heart that 2018 will be the year that I am accepted to U____.

Thank you for considering my application.

The re-application process requires that the applicant let the admissions committee know that they are reapplying, and carefully outline the several ways, academically and professionally, that one's credentials have improved over the course of the past year since they were not selected. In other words, the committee wants to know specifically what you have done to make yourself more attractive as a candidate. Often, this is nothing more than gaining more experience and maturity. Frequently, this works, and the applicant is selected. Many things can help, including new volunteer activities, promotion, family circumstances, etc.

CRNA Personal Statement Sample


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