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DNP Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement for Scholarship

Updated: Jan 29

A nurse originally from India, I finished my undergraduate studies in Nursing just before permanently immigrating to the USA. Now applying for admission to the DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at ____ University, I hope that this application for a Scholarship in Nursing at ____ will also be looked upon with favor. 

DNP Scholarship Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement
DNP Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement Scholarship

I am convinced that culturally sensitive nursing care can enhance the quality of the aging process. The nurse also has a great deal to contribute to our study of aging and our incorporations of aging issues into nursing practice. It is important to incorporate diversity into our study of aging, to make every patient as comfortable as possible, especially those of advanced age. The aging process itself results in great challenges for patients and their caregivers alike. In fact, special challenges related to age are common among all age groups, not just older patients. Adolescents, for example, are often in need of nursing care that is sensitive to the challenges that accompany this stage of life. Thus, alongside and as an integral part of the full immersion experience in Nurse Anesthesia that I look forward to at Johns Hopkins, I also seek ongoing advancement in the study of aging, especially as far as it is most relevant to nursing practice. 


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Elderly patients undergo physical and physiological changes and when these patients must undergo surgery for acute illness, the complications cause further degeneration. I hope to do research concerning preventive ways to protect our aging population, such as proper positioning during surgery. Significant musculoskeletal changes accompany aging, all of which raise the risk of nerve, joint, and skin injury. Increased discomfort and infection risks can result from inattention during initial patient placement and neglect during intraoperative movement. My focus on pain management includes consideration of functional ability, safety methods, and fast recovery for an aging population. 


I look forward to a lifetime of providing culturally sensitive care for patients from every ethnic or linguistic group, as we struggle to meet the great challenge of our aging patients, originally from all over the world. The mission of ____ to advance family-centered care as an integral part of practiced-based learning highlights the special importance of issues of aging in the context of family, where culturally specific norms are often prominent considerations. 


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Remarkably close to my grandparents, I have been on the front lines of their healthcare issues for years, including comorbidities for which high-risk medications have been prescribed. I carefully monitor them for side effects. I am sensitive to the way that many senior citizens require comprehensive, holistic, care. In Dallas, Texas, I volunteered at a senior rehabilitation center, hosting social events, games, and recreational activities, learning all that I could about the challenges faced by our aging seniors. 


I thank you for considering my application for a Scholarship to help me excel as a doctoral student in Nurse Anesthesia. 

Indian CRNAs are also needed for the purpose of diversity and culturally sensitive care in Nursing. All Indians are multilingual, and while all of them speak English, healthcare is very much enhanced by having a CRNA who also speaks Hindi, Punjabi, or one of several languages spoken in parts of India. The shared culture as well as shared language enhances health care, making nursing care culturally sensitive and honoring and celebrating diversity and inclusion. Diversity issues and this applicant's ability to communicate with Indian patients will be considered in the evaluation of her scholarship application.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement Scholarship


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