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DNP Personal Statement Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA

Updated: Jan 28

No day is ever the same for me because my greatest joy in life is learning, progress, improvement, and lifelong education. My greatest gift and strength are my passion for becoming an increasingly successful nursing professional. I trace this passion for wanting to become a leader in the field of health care to the age of fifteen when I was an Eagle Scout and served as a medic for my troop. I have worked hard ever since to develop my leadership skills, and my dedication to a healthcare career has been my life's primary constant. I thought seriously about medical school but decided to pursue nursing because of the profound fulfillment I find in the hands-on care of the critically ill and the intimacy of the nurse-client experience.

Soon after moving to Richmond to work as an Emergency Medicine RN in 2008, I began feeling the need to advance my education in nursing so that I could assume increasingly challenging roles and responsibilities. I focused my sights on anesthesiology as my calling. Soon, I learned that XXU was the leading CRNA program in the country, which is why I have my heart set on attending your program. I began interviewing MDs and CRNAs about the field, challenges, and opportunities. By mid-2009, I was working in a recovery room. My direct observation of extensive day-to-day contact with CRNAs radically increased my desire to become an anesthesiology professional. Those I interviewed were most happy with the career choice, much more so than the MDs I interviewed, which further cemented my dedication to pursuing nurse anesthesiology.

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DNP Personal Statement Nurse Anesthesia Sample

I am an excellent candidate for your program because of my high motivation and dedication to my profession, coupled with many years of professional experience. I have gained increasing self-confidence due to dealing with critically ill patients daily and monitoring their situations with utmost vigilance. My interest in the field has little to do with money and everything to do with human service. I am especially drawn to the academic world, and my long-term goal is to pursue a Ph.D. The degree will prepare me for a lifetime of service in innovative research and teaching in nursing. I delight in teamwork and being the professional my colleagues feel comfortable turning to for support. When critical patients arrive in the ER, my teammates know they can lean on me if I am in the room. Nevertheless, I am humble and unafraid to say, ¨I do not know. ¨ Growth through learning is my omnipresent motto. I constantly push myself to improve and help my team members do the same.

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DNP Personal Statement Nurse Anesthesia Sample

At 33, I am at the optimal point in my life to give my all to your program, with sufficient maturity and experience that will enable me to make the most significant contribution possible and take full advantage of the marvelous opportunity presented by your unrivaled program. I am convinced that my 13 years of experience in multiple areas of nursing will serve me well, especially my experiences in ER and PACU as a manager of critical patient care. Working in numerous healthcare environments has helped me become highly adaptable and flexible, hitting the ground running, and never looking back. I look forward to joining your esteemed program with keen anticipation, and I thank you for considering my application.

DNP Personal Statement Nurse Anesthesia

Experience is a plus. This applicant has 13 years of experience in nursing, so it is natural that this is the focus of the statement. To put it bluntly, however, 13 years is too much. The most competitive applicants have several years of experience, few have 13 years or more. Still, a high priority is placed on experienced applicants in Nurse Anesthesia, and some older nurses are accepted to CRNA School. Age is a separate but related issue, and all this needs to be explained in the Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose. Our age and level of experience are integral aspects of who we are and of first- tier relevance to the purpose of the Personal Statement.


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