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DNP CRNA Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Jan 29

DNP CRNA Personal Purpose Statement Sample
DNP CRNA Personal Purpose Statement

I moved from our native Nigeria to Nashville Tennessee when I was 8 years old. Now, twenty-six and an extremely hard working, licensed FNP. I hope to be selected to your competitive Nurse Anesthesia program, especially since I have earned a 3.9 GPA during my graduate studies so far and I have already acquired significant and relevant experience serving in two distinct positions as a nurse, Trauma OR starting in January 2013 and CVICU since December 2015. The ____ School of Anesthesia is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons principal of which is your location, close to my home where I am established and have the full support of my family for the rigors of returning to school full time.

Since an early age, I have had a love of learning. By the time I was in high school, I realized that each of us should share and contribute the knowledge and skills gained to the betterment of humanity as a collective. I could not be more fully devoted to the welfare of my patients and often drift off to sleep thinking about them because it is in caring for them that I find my greatest joy in life. I give them my all just as I would with my own family, this is my philosophy and central guiding principle in nursing.

After careful self-analysis of my interests and natural abilities, and research on various universities and career opportunities, I enrolled at ___U as an undergraduate in the School of Nursing program. I excelled in my studies and graduated Cum Laude in 2012. Shortly after completing my undergraduate coursework, I enrolled in a graduate program. I hold an MSN degree and I am currently a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. I have always been drawn to anesthesia care and the professional roles and responsibilities of the CRNA. I crave the knowledge, autonomy, and responsibility involved. My past and current experiences in Trauma OR and CVICU continue to groom me well as I make it a point to learn as much as I can each day, thinking critically, anticipating, and balancing the needs of the patient -surgically, pharmacologically, and physiologically - addressing problems before they arise. I have learned a great deal from facing up to challenges while serving as a preceptor, Relief Staff Leader (RSL), and staff nurse. My experience to date provides me with an excellent foundation to manage and utilize resources as a productive member of a multidisciplinary team.

DNP CRNA Personal Purpose Statement Examples
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I am at the optimal moment to return to graduate school and face the rigors of your competitive program in Nurse Anesthesia, with both the maturity and energy needed to excel. I keenly look forward to enhancing, advancing, and expanding my knowledge, skills, and training focused on anesthesiology. The ____ School of Anesthesia has the perfect combination of in-depth curriculum, distinguished faculty, humanitarian vision, and vast resources invested in education. I especially like the blending of ethical responsibility with innovation, leadership, and technological advancement that is emphasized by your mission.

A firm believer in life-long education and service to humanity, my goal is to obtain a Doctoral Degree in Nursing and eventually return to my native Nigeria to serve as a professor in the field of anesthesia. As I see it, the future holds much hope and enormous potential for the betterment of humanity through the implementation and delivery of quality services in healthcare and I seek the opportunity to be an active part of this visionary progress.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application for enrollment.

This nurse from Nigeria has the most noble goal of wanting to eventually return to teach Nursing in Nigeria at some point after completing their CRNA program here in America. It is important to note that this goal is looked on favorably by the Admissions Committee, because of the full endorsement by the Nursing profession of global medicine. Despite the Nursing shortage in America, the interests of global medicine come first. Where are the underserved, geographically? They are concentrated in Africa, particularly Africa's most populous nation, Nigeria. This application and this dedication to one's land of origin is exemplified by the above statement.

DNP CRNA Personal Purpose Statement


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