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CRNA Personal Statement Examples

Updated: Jan 29

CRNA Personal Statement Samples
CRNA Personal Statement Examples

I came to the USA from Argentina with my father, at the age of sixteen, both of us full of dreams. My dad was especially dedicated to giving me the best opportunity possible for a world-class education, a rewarding career, and a fulfilling life. He reminded me every day that I was unstoppable. Naturally service oriented, my heart led me into nursing, and I have now been serving in the ICU for the past four years. Fully dedicated to lifelong learning, I ask for acceptance to the Nurse Anesthesia Program at ____ University. Your program is my first choice among Nurse Anesthesia programs for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, I very much appreciate the fact that your program is new, resulting in novel and most creative approaches to Nurse Anesthesia Education.  


I want to become a CRNA to maximize my contribution to my community, giving back all that I can, and having the privilege of caring for patients in a culturally sensitive manner and providing them with the finest patient-centered care possible. It pleases me to put my Spanish to beneficial use in the hospital every day, as part of our patient-first orientation and practice. Always, I place a priority on risk reduction and health promotion. I whole-heartedly believe that I can excel in ____’s Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Program because I am persistent, self-motivated, independent, and work well under pressure.  


CRNA Personal Statement Samples
CRNA Personal Statement Editor

Working in the ICU float pool at I____ Hospital has allowed me to become well-trained in many medical devices. My favorite moment so far was when we were caring for a Hispanic patient that had been intubated for more than 60 days with COVID pneumonia. His lungs were healing but despite many attempts from the other nurses to wean him off sedation and get him to follow commands, he did not respond. All his head CTs were normal so I decided to wean sedation and pronounce his name loudly in Spanish. To everyone’s surprise, including mine, by the end of the shift, this man was following most of our directions. 


I spent two years volunteering with ____ helping undocumented Latinx immigrants with job applications and ESL classes. I have also volunteered at Andromeda Transcultural Health in Washington DC, educating Latino and African American patients about sexually transmitted diseases and how to manage HIV. Many of the patients that I work with speak only Spanish, heightening my contribution. I hope to be selected to your program as someone who places a high value on integrity, service, and advocacy. 


CRNA Personal Statement Samples
CRNA Personal Statement Writing Service Examples

After earning the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia, I look forward to spending the balance of my professional life in the hospital. I especially look forward to mentoring aspiring and new CRNAs. I also look forward to serving in support of surgeons on medical missions to the Global South, to Spanish-speaking countries most of all where my contribution can be especially critical. 


Thank you for considering my application. 

A CRNA applicant from Argentina has unique opportunities in Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia because of the beautiful sound of her Argentine Spanish. She stands out among Spanish speakers and those who speak Spanish are especially curious to get to know this applicant, patients, and nurses alike. For her voice alone, she would be a valuable addition to a CRNA program, contributing to diversity and encouraging bilingualism in the Nurse Anesthesia community, especially Spanish. This applicant treats many patients who only speak Spanish. The importance of this point can hardly be overestimated. Their communication abilities make them an especially desirable applicant for missions to Latin America where everyone speaks their language.

CRNA Personal Statement Examples


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